Now being in the quarantine managing your hair without access to salons is very difficult especially for the people having long hair and Blow dry seems to be the easiest way to manage them after your hair wash and it is like our second nature to grab a hair dryer immediately after washing. It may seem a simple task: Grab a Blow- Dryer, point and Blast with heat, but there is a mastery behind it. A good blow dry can either give you salon finish blow out or can leave your beautiful tresses damaged.

So the best solution to that is to avoid making these mistakes without the salon experts presence.

  1. You Are Drying your Hair at High Heat Setting/Temperature!

The most common mistake we do is setting our dryers at High Heat mode while drying. That way we are exposing our hair to damage as high amount of Heat is not good for your hair strands, you will start experiencing breakage and split ends. Using your dryer on lower heat setting works as effectively as on high temperature. So get the shine you want without damaging your hair.

2. Skipping the Heat Protectant!

If you don’t want to end up your hair looking dry, matte and crunchy looking do not skip on your heat protectant. There are many types of heat protectant available in market so you have wide options to choose from. Apply heat protectant on damp hair before going in with all the heat and make sure you apply to all the parts of your hair as sometimes we just miss the back of our hair. Its best to part your hair and work the product from mid shaft-to the ends.

Your blow out will last much longer and you will get the frizz free shiny and bouncy hair.

3. Starting in with it too soon!

Most of us are tempted to go in directly with the hair dryer and brush right after we wash them but remember Wet hair is extremely fragile and hair roots are weaker and your hair can get damaged by brushing them wet. Plus, if you blow dry your hair when they are sopping wet, you will end up blow-drying for longer and that is not good! Putting heat for longer duration of time can cause damage to your hair.

You should either let your hair air dry or blow dry without brushing of combing first on medium to low heat, when your hair is 80% dry from the rough dry then start with styling your hair.

4. Using heavy products when planning on Blow Dry!

We often use creamy and heavy conditioners for getting extra shiny hair but Using heavy and oil based conditioners before blow dry will weigh down your hair and will make them look limp instead of bouncy. Use a lightweight conditioner instead.

5. Putting the heat at one point for too long!

Don’t point heat at one point for too long, always keep your hair dryer moving in strategic direction to avoid damage your hair follicles and scalp. Also an inch is the closes a dryer should get to the scalp.

6. Not section parting your hair

Are you also in the habit of picking up your dryer and start drying your hair haphazardly, blowing every which way until everything dries? That will take forever for you to dry. Not sectioning your hair while blow drying can result in difficulty in managing and doing them properly. Divide your hair and secure each section with clips or pins and work each section separately, it helps sculpting the way your hair falls after blowout. When u don’t section you might often end up with one big puff.