We all love to heat style our natural hair as it is quick, simple and your hair looks beautiful. From blow dried hair to soft curls or straightened hair, who doesn’t like a good hair day?

But, we all know, heat styling is not good for your hair. Thought it might not seem so in the beginning, but eventually we start to notice the damage and wish for better.

Follow a few tips to reduce the damage and keep your hair healthy.

  1. Wear your hair naturally

Avoid heat styling tools as much as possible to keep your hair healthy and less damaged. Though it might not be an option always, but try not to use it every day. To change the look, you can throw up your hair in a ponytail or a bun. To add more body to your hair, braid it while it’s wet.

  1. Dry your hair completely

Make sure your hair is completely dry before you start heat styling your hair. Straightening or curling when the hair are still damp can cause bubbles on your hair and make them of irregular texture and more prone to breakage.

  1. Adjust the styling tools based on your hair texture

Different textures of hair require different amount of heat. In case of thin hair, you will not need a lot of heat to style your hair, but in-case of thick hair, you will need a little more heat to style them. Do not overdo, else you surely burn your hair.

  1. Make sure your hair don’t dry out while styling

A lot of heat tends to dehydrate your hair. Make sure you use a hydrating treatment before styling to protect your hair from drying out and keeping them healthy.


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