KeraStraight Volume Enhance Conditioner

3,300.00 (Inc. GST)

KeraStraight Volume Enhance Conditioner strengthens, hydrates and nourishes hair, leaving it fuller, smoother and full of bounce. This is gorgeous made easy at its best!
Working in partnership with KeraStraight Volume Enhance Shampoo, this combination is the perfect choice if you want to maximise the longevity and benefits of KeraStraight treatments, or even if you’re just wishing to boost your hair’s volume, strength and shine.

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KeraStraight, the British company, produces innovative hair repairing treatments and products. They offer range of intensive products and in-salon treatments designed to TRANSFORM ALL HAIR TYPES, using a unique combination of proteins, amino acids and plant extracts.

They have quick-fix 30-day treatments, luxurious supporting shampoos and conditioners and a small range of highly innovative styling products.

Use in every wash. Leave on for 3 minutes for enhanced results, before rinsing.

So what’s the secret? KeraStraight Volume Enhance Conditioner is made from a luxurious blend of natural conditioning ingredients, proteins and essential volumising ingredient pro-vitamin B5. And the result? A revitalising experience that deeply hydrates hair whilst delivering strength without weight.

KeraStraight Volume Enhance Conditioner also includes our specially formulated Botaniset. This innovative compound, made from African and Amazonian fruit and plant extracts, protects against environmental stresses, helping you benefit from longer-lasting flawless results. But it doesn’t stop there! KeraStraight Volume Enhance Conditioner is also designed to significantly improve hair manageability. With its unique conditioning ingredients formulated to reduce flyaways, styling your hair is made simple and easy.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can also kiss goodbye to tangles and snags, as key ingredients included in KeraStraight Volume Enhance Conditioner work to detangle hair and protect against breakage. So you’re left with nothing less than long-lasting gorgeously thicker, fuller hair with every use of KeraStraight Volume Enhance Conditioner.

Weight 500000 g

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