KeraStraight Root Boost

2,100.00 (Inc. GST)

Strength / Volume / Hold

So strong, yet so soft. Our innovative styling gel builds incredible body and strength. It’s heat-activated proteins expand within the structure of the hair as it dries, delivering strength, hold and support. Suitable for any style, Root Boost also contains heat protection.

Delivery: 1-7 days.


KeraStraight, the British company, produces innovative hair repairing treatments and products. They offer range of intensive products and in-salon treatments designed to transform all hair types

, using a unique combination of proteins, amino acids and plant extracts.

They have quick-fix 30-day treatments, luxurious supporting shampoos and conditioners and a small range of highly innovative styling products.

Activate for strength / spray close for maximum effect or from 6 inches for a lighter feel. Apply to towel dried hair, comb through and style as desired.

Re-activate for greater strength / apply after blow drying and re-dry to build incredible extra strength and support.

Weight 200000 g

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