Skin care obsession has boomed over a past couple of years with more time on hand. We have gathered immense knowledge of wide variety of products available created our own skin recipes. With new products coming on market, everyone has experimented with products ranging from sheet masks, retinol creams to vitamin serums and found their perfect skin partner. We have created our own meticulous skin regimes yet there are some common mistakes we end up making without realising that these small tweaks in our regime can give us a glowy, rosy hued skin.



One of the most crucial and important step to keep skin healthy and glowing is SPF. A must non negotiable last step of the regimen should be a SPF 30  or high sunscreen. Sun damage is one of the major reasons for ageing, discolouration, fine line and dark spots so its comes highly recommended to make sunscreen your best friend to enjoy your daily dose of sunshine! We can not stress this enough how important it is to use SPF and to re-apply after every 2 hours especially during summers in harsh sunlight.



Drinking plenty of water is the key to youthful, plump, clear skin. Most celebrities and models maintain that drinking water is their “skincare secret”. It flushes the system and hydrates our bodies overall. Skin hydration is a reflection of total-body hydration. Less consumption of water leads to dehydration which in-turn leads to larger pores and dull skin. To reach your hydration goals, you can also eat your water! For newbies trying to drink two litres of water can also start by including foods high in water (watermelons, cucumbers, zucchini and so on). As Beyonce says “ a gallon of water a day, keeps the dryness away!” So keep your hydration game on point.



Whenever we add any new product to our skincare routine, we often wonder which order should we apply it in. Most certified Dermatologists suggests that the proper order of application of your skin care products ensures that your skin receives the full benefits of each product. The general rule to follow is to apply the lighter formulas before the heavier formulas i.e from thinnest consistency to thickest with appropriate time in between given for the formula to absorb.

The routines for day time and night time varies as well. Day time regimen should focus more on hydration and skin protection which includes your antioxidants, moisturisers and serums. The night regimen should include essential steps of healing and cleansing the face of all the makeup, dirt and pollution.



Most of us are big skincare enthusiasts and tend to apply layers of products to take good care of our skin. But sometimes we end up neglecting not so talked about parts of our face. One of them being our upper lips . Our upper lips age faster than our entire face and its important to use products specially rich in collagen to firm and tone the skin. The care and love that we often give to our cheeks with serums and moisturisers should also be extended to our necks. Our necks are prone to fine lines and sagging and applying your products all the way down to your neck will ensure your neck stays plump and young. Use upward motions to gently massage the products on the neck.

If your skin is feeling tight, looking dull and lacking plumpness you can definitely add the above suggested steps but if you want to take the next best step you can also visit your nearest Geetanjali Salon where our trained professionals will suggest you the best facials and services for  your skin and deeply massage your face to a youthful healthy skin!