We expect our tresses to remain beautiful all the time even when we put them through a lot all the time. Beautiful scalp starts with a healthy scalp, step one is a scalp detox. Did you know, even though you might wash your hair every day, your scalp can still be considered dirty. Have you ever scratched your head and found some white waxy dirt under your nails? It’s actually clumpy oils, dead skin, sweat and pollutants from city air and product built-up.
A little extra oil and dirt, what’s the harm? Well it is the root of issues like itchy and flaky scalp, thinning hair, hair loss and other forms of irritation. Detoxing to rebalance your scalp’s health is a fix. All the products that we use can cause a lot of built up on our scalp. This isn’t something we often think about, as most of think that shampooing on the daily, or every other day gets rid of all the impurities. Plus, we often think of just the hair, so scalp never manages to invade our mind.

This week on the blog we are sharing some quick tips on how you can kick-start your scalp detox.

1. Brush Brush Brush

The main reason why we use comb on our hair is that we want it to look a certain way or we are trying to get rid of all those crazy knots. But we overlook that combing our hair also involve scalp. Brushing from top to bottom allows the removal of debris like dead skin and loose strands of hair. Using a good toothed comb will help you to penetrate deep and provide a nourishing massage for your scalp. It also stimulates hair growth and also strengthens the hair follicle for healthy hair. Instead of just brushing before leaving home, try combing before bed, a warm shower and exercise can all positivity.

2. You only was your hair twice a week

Between ‘wash your hair everyday’ to ‘not wash your hair everyday’ believers, it is easy to get confused on how often you should wash your hair. While washing your hair everyday isn’t recommended, because it does have its fall-backs. Not washing your hair more than two times a week can lead to a lot of build-up on your scalp, which leads to clogged pores. And because there is no way to balance these two, that is where the scalp detox steps in.

3. Scrub and exfoliate the nasty

Using an exfoliating scrub, you are giving a deeper cleanse that your everyday shampoo doesn’t. Massaging it on your scalp helps to buff away dead skin cells, unclogs pores and clear away any nasty chemical-filled products that would have built up on the scalp. This helps in promoting the wellness of hair follicle and also brings back the natural shine of your hair.

4. You rely a lot on Dry Shampoo

If you are not washing your hair everyday then you probably have a go to dry shampoo at your disposal that you reach out to when you don’t have time or don’t feel like washing your hair. While this might be your saviour, it also is one of the reasons your scalp is not as healthy as it can be. That is a lot of product built-up that can easily affect the state of your scalp and your hair overall.

5. Let’s get steamy

While we have mentioned that cleaning the dirt from your hair follicle is extremely important part of scalp detox, it is equally important to maintain your hair’s natural oils. Steaming your scalp can do absolute wonders. The steam supports scalp detox by relaxing and enlarging pores. It pushes impurities from the glands and circulation also stimulates follicle to encourage healthy oil production giving those locks a little extra nourishment and moisture. Now, applying any product will lead to better absorption.

6. You use a lot of styling products.

Styling products can affect your scalp, especially if scalp gets in touch with it. Essentially, everything that gets in touch with the scalp gets absorbed and can create a lot of chaos.

7. You love root touch-up sprays

These products are the worst when it comes to creating blocked hair follicle. Continuous use of these products will clog the pores and create a build-up that cannot be washed with your normal shampoo. If left untreated, they can create a barrier that can stop new hair0020colour from taking and also have been known to create infections under the skin.

8. Your hair is thinning

If you have no prior skin condition as per your dermatologist, and your hair is thinning for no reason. That means your scalp needs a serious awakening. A deep and through cleaning of your scalp will assist in maintaining a healthy cell turnover.

9. It is a new season

With the change of season, your scalp can also overreact and your pores become clogged. Exfoliation and a scalp detox can unclog the pores restore the much needed moisture.

Needless to say now that scalp detox should become the paramount part of your beauty regime. Trust us, your scalp will appreciate it.

So what’s next?
If you decide that you need a scalp detox think about getting a professional to do it for you. If you have coloured your hair or have some specific scalp condition, you might end up harming your scalp by using wrong cover the counter products.

At Geetanjali Salon we prescribe exactly the right product to clean your scalp without jeopardizing your colour or condition of your hair. There is no better time for a deep cleansing and nourishing hair treatment than a change of season. And seriously, who doesn’t need excuse to enjoy a relaxing spa and mask session?

So visit your nearest Geetanjali Salon and consult with the professional for the best treatment for your scalp.