Men have just as many concerns about their skin as their female counterparts and now they are expressing them. Often, they invest in products that they can’t use or those that are not typically for their skin type.

Below we are providing just enough information needed to handle your skincare as a pro.

1. Know your skin type:
Before you start to work on your skincare regime, learn your skin type to determine the products and ingredients that will be best suitable for you. Any skin condition is also a factor that influences your decision.

2. Look for active ingredients:
Every ingredient is used to combat a different skin issue or cater to a desirable outcome. Hence it is of utmost importance to consult with your specialist to know which product matches your skincare regime.

3. Read labels
Most people don’t read the labels of their products. It is vital to know the shelf life, ingredients etc. It also mentions how often you should use them. This information helps you become more knowledgeable in your purchase and makes you confident in the product that you are using.

4. Consider seeking a skincare professional
Our aestheticians at Geetanjali Salon are trained to recommend and treat skin tropically. They give you a more holistic view into your skin issues and are able to help you invest in products that are a best fit for your needs and budget.

5. A Daily regime
The goal is to build a consistent routine suited to your needs and skincare goals. Our specialist will assist you to add and subtract products according to the season change and your skin’s requirements throughout the year.

Visit your nearby Geetanjali Salon to become a pro in your skincare regime.