We care about our face, our body and our hair, but do we pay as much attention to our nail as well? But when we see pretty nails, we wish for the same. Keeping nails healthy and pretty is not that difficult as it seems, it’s pretty much simple and if we can spend a lot of time taking care our skin and body then we can spend a few minutes on our nails also!


Moisturize your nails

Moisturizing comes on the first number when we talk about any skin care routine. Moisturizing is as important for the nails as it is for the skin. Without proper moisturization nails can become dry and brittle. Spare just a minute to massage the moisturizer on hands when you do your skincare. Itkeeps your nails healthy.


Leave your cuticles alone

Cuticles act as a protective layer around your nails so leave them alone. We usually cut, push back, or try to get rid of cuticles altogether, but the truth is that cuticles are not the enemy. Cuticles can sometime give a feeling of irritation but believe me messing with the cuticles can do more harm than good.


Avoid contact with water

Sounds weird?  Yes it does, but it’s actually healthy. We are not saying to avoid complete contact with water just reduce the time your nails spend in water and that would be enough. For instance, you should wear gloves while doing the dishes. We are suggesting this because excessive exposure of water can weaken the nail structure.


Be Gentle

Don’t be too harsh on your nails while you maintain them. Take proper care of your nails and the skin around the nails. A very common habit that people have is that they dig the nail filer to take the dirt out, that may clear out the dirt but by doing so, you are damaging the skin beneath the nails and also increase the chances of developing bacterial fungal infection.


Treat your nails the same way you treat your hair

It’s the new silver rule. Many people do not know this but both hair and nails are composed of keratin proteins so similar caring for both hair and nails would be beneficial. We know, that over processing our hair can damage them and same is the case with the nails. Nail treatments like frequent removal of nail polish, acrylics and gels do the same thing to nails which the chemical treatments do to the hair.


Watch the weather

Winters can be tough time for skin, hair and nails all the same. Cold weather can make your nails extra brittle and extreme changes in temperature from going indoors to outdoors can cause additional harm. So, it’s very important to take care of the nails in the winter season as well. One must not skip moisturizing their nails in the winters because extra care never hurt anyone!