The “it” girls now want to apply makeup but appear not have any makeup on? This beauty dilemma of applying makeup and having the no makeup look is here to stay. Instagram worthy makeup is not just now limited to bold lip colours, glittery eyes or a full on face of makeup. The trends have shifted to light summer makeup with glistening skin, enhancing the natural features of the face with little touch up and softening the blemishes. This trend is taking over Bollywood and Hollywood beauties too! Stars such as Alia Bhatt, Hailey Bieber and Zoë Kravitz can be seen rocking this look even on red carpets. With trends moving to more towards body positivity and accepting oneself, the concept natural beauty and no makeup look is taking over. So much so that not only young girls want to pull off that off the clock model looks, but the brides too are opting for light dewy make with natural tones.

1. Healthy Skin is the First Important Step

Having a good skincare routine is one of the basic step that everyone should follow daily but even doing so doesn’t guarantee a youthful skin glow of a Bollywood star. But worry not, just add these below mentioned steps to get that healthy skin look you desire.
Exfoliate with a chemical free scrub and use a hydrating face mask to prep the skin for that supple skin look. Also use a face mist and a light wight moisturiser to have a fresh and hydrated skin that prevents the makeup from “melting” and looking “cake-y”. Also the most important step is to never forget your SPF!

2. Prime your Base

Primer is the easiest way to get your skin looking smoother. Primer has various benefits. It holds the make in place, making the makeup more long-lasting and it also helps to blur the blemishes. There are various types of primers that you can go for according to your skin requirement. The pore filling ones prevents from pores clogging where as illuminating one will give you an extra hydrated look.

3. Careful Coverage

Don’t go too heavy on the coverage. Instead use tinted moisturisers, BB or CC creams for light coverage that lets little of natural blush and some imperfections see through. Preferably use liquid foundation as its lighter on the skin and easily blended to give a sheer look. For a little extra coverage at required places you can also use light weight concealer and blend it thoroughly with a brush or beauty blender.

4. Creams Are Your Best Friend

Opt for cream textured products. They are easier to blend, less visible on skin than the powders, choose cream based bronzer but a very light amount to define the cheek bones and temples of the face. A cream based bronzer with light earthy undertones can also be used as an eyeshadow to intensify the dimensions around the eye. Add a natural flush with a blush! Use cream based blush around the high points of cheeks and temples of the nose to create a naturally unpolished radiant look. Complete the natural look with some dewiness of clear based cream highlighter instead of a shimmery highlighter .
Set it all up with some setting spray or a touch of setting powder to maintain the dewiness.
5. Brush Up The Hair

The most underrated effect on the face is of the brows which in natural or minimal look sometimes gets neglected.Enhance your brow feature using a clear brow gel and brushing them into a nice shape. Avoid filling in the brows, but if required, go for a lighter more natural browns and a feathery light brow pencil. Also brush and curl them lashes and use a light mascara to open up them up. Use a smaller brush wand as it helps in applying less product.

6. Luscious Lips

Lips are one of the most prominently noticeable feature of the face. To make them looking natural yet juicy, prep your lips prior to any product application. Exfoliate the dead skin away and layer them up with a moisturising lip balm. Choose a shaded closest top your natural lip colour and apply a sheer coat. Do not layer the colour excessively and avoid the use of a lip liner.

And Voila! If you follow these steps you get your No Makeup, Makeup look. Match your makeup with a nice relaxed open hairstyles like a nice voluminous blow-dry, bed-head hairstyling or beach waves.

You can also visit the nearest Geetanjali Salon if you wish to recreate this look with the help of professionals.