Kanpeki Creamy Cleanser

Removes excess oil

Minimizes visible pores

Easy to remove impurities and make-up

Deeply cleanses without removing skin’s essential moisture

Suitable for dry, normal, and combination skin

Delivery: 1-7 days.

Kanpeki provides range of skincare products designed by harnessing the power of botanicals combined with scientific rigour to effectively revive the skin. Making the regular beauty regime a part of your overall health, it offers both men and women a natural and luxurious skincare treatment. As the products are manufactured in ‘small batches’, its fresh and yield maximum result.

Kanpeki has formulators and pharmacists who are dedicated to create potent and effective products. Ingredients are sourced from other small businesses, apothecaries and beekeepers. They ensure to get them fresh and in smaller quantities so that they are of the highest quality.

Apply a tiny tad amount on face and neck.

Leave for not more than 4 min.

Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Ideal for skin that usually feels dry after cleansing, this creamy-textured cleanser glides smoothly all over your face and leaves it plump and smooth.
The Creamy Cleanser helps in sealing the moisture in the skin. It effectively removes make-up and impurities allowing it to breathe. The cleanser doesn’t weigh on skin and maintains the pH balance and protects skin’s barrier.

Sesamum Indicum: Known for its emollient properties, it helps prevent water loss. It further protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

Carica papaya: The protein-dissolving papain seemingly reduces inflammation and removes damaged keratin build up from the pores, giving the skin a lighter texture.

Althaea Officinalis: Helps treat skin irritation and inflammation.

Clarified Cow’s Butter: Hydrates dry skin and keeps skin supple

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