Why is Grooming for Men Important?
When we talk about looks, it’s not just limited to the style and physical appearance but also extends to the small grooming details that are often ignored by men. Male grooming for the longest while had been associated with femininity but this misconception has been now been over turned with more men taking up daily grooming as ones most important part of their morning routine. A well groomed man not only has a neat and tidy appearance but also gives a great first impression.

What does male grooming include?
Like any other basic morning routine, male grooming includes face cleansing, kempt hair and a trimmed beard. To go deeper, the focus is on using the right face wash, moisturiser, sunscreen and haircare products. These basic steps create that big difference between someone looking like a careless chap to feeling young and attractive. Taking care of yourself everyday will not only keep you smelling fresh and clean, but also improve your self-discipline and more importantly form good habits.

The Ideal Beard
Facial hair care for men is a delicate art. As said, beard is the makeup for men so its important to have the right beard that suits ones face the best. Whether is trimmed beard, a full long one, or a completely shaved look, it should make the right impact. For a perfect shave, wash and exfoliate your face and neck and then hydrate it with a moisturiser. Also choose the right shaving cream according to your skin type. Use a high quality razor and make sure to shave in the direction that your beard hair grows. To finish the process, apply a good smelling aftershave.

For men choosing to keep their trendy beards, make sure to brush it everyday . Also use beard care kits and products such as beard oil to keep them looking soft and shiny. Keep the beard in shape with the help of a trimmer because bed head hair might trend but a dishevelled beard never will !

The Absolute Cleanse
Men should also be aware of their skin type and use creams, serums and facemarks accordingly. Having a clean acne free radiant face can be more of a confident booster than an expensive wardrobe. Specially for men who work within the field have clogged pores and congested skin and in such case a charcoal face mask and scrubs are your best friend. A moisturiser loaded with spf and antioxidants are a must to protect the skin against sun and pollution and give that healthy looking glow. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also night creams in your skin care to replenish healthy skin cells while you sleep.

The Perfect Hair
A good haircut is like a new attire, it completely changes the way one looks. Choose a cut according to your hair texture and face cut and see what compliments you the most. Take the help of your barber for a professional advice on which cut will suit you the best. Get your trim every few weeks to maintain the cut. Its also advisable to to ask for the products you’ll need to achieve that style at home.

Another place where hair gets neglected are the eyebrows. Keep a good tweezer handy for eyebrow maintain ace as “unibrow” definitely isn’t the look for you.

Additionally, you can ask your barber to do this. For an easier maintenance you can always visit Geetanjali salon and get pampered and groomed up to your liking.