Everyone’s dream is to wear makeup that looks flawless and dreamy. Difficult? Not necessarily. Following a few steps while doing your makeup can give you a flawless makeup look. Generally, people assume that only luxury makeup products can give you that perfect look, but that’s a myth. There are many easy on pocket makeup products available in the market which can give you that perfect look you always desired. The most important thing that you must pay attention to while doing your makeup is to make sure that you are following the proper steps. Another thing you must take into account while doing your makeup is to use a minimum quantity of the product and build it up slowly. One genie rule for makeup is “Less is more”

Skin Care
Before you put makeup on your skin, make sure you are done with your skincare routine. Skin care routine is important and also it preps up your skin for smooth application of makeup.

Prime your skin after the skin care. A decent primer will make sure that your makeup sets perfectly and for a long duration of time. Make sure you are using the correct primer according to your skin type as there are many different options available in the market. For instance, if you have oily skin use a matte primer. If you want to minimize your pores then, a different primer.

Correct and Conceal
If you have an uneven skin tone, make sure you correct and conceal it before putting on the base. If you apply the base before correction then your makeup will start looking grey. For a perfect base, make sure that you correct and conceal properly.

Base is actually the foundation of all your makeup. If your base is perfect then, your complete makeup will look graceful. While purchasing a base make sure that the foundation matches your skin tone. Another thing you want to take care of while purchasing a base, is that there are different types of base available for different skin types: oily, dry, combination and sensitive choose whatever suits your skin. So, choose wisely.

Eye Makeup
Eye make-up matters a lot. It adds colours to your face and also lifts up your eyes. Whether simple or heavy, eye-makeup will look good only if your eyes are concealed properly. Evidently, eye-shadow will pop out only if the eye base is done properly.

Blush is very important whether you have worn any makeup or not. Blush shades should also be chosen according to the skin tone and the occasion or event.

Blush and lipstick are two things which add colour to your makeup. When you wear makeup you can play with colours on your eyes and lips. One thing that must be taken under consideration is that, if you are wearing heavy eye makeup then you should go light on the lips and if you are planning to wear a darker shade on lips then your eye makeup should be mild. Going with this combination will give you an elegant makeup look.

Highlighter is that one thing without which your makeup will be incomplete whether you are going for a no makeup or heavy makeup look. Highlighter gives a beautiful shine to your face that adds glam to your makeup.