Let your nails do the talking this year! Nails are a small yet one of the most noticeable part of you. They describe not only your mood but also your personality. When it comes to your nails, there is no limit to how extreme or how minimalist you can go on the design. Today nail industry has revolutionised the meaning of nail design. With options available from gel and acrylic extensions to permanent nail paints, the possibilities are unlimited. We have gathered here top 10 favourite nail designs that can help you be on trend this season.

Hot Pink Summer
It turns out this summer people want something more bolder and energetic. Hot pink colour in itself is a moment and a showstopper. From runways and fast fashion racks to nails, this colour has been taking over by a storm. It’s the “it” colour these days. You can wear it in monotone or play with complimentary colours like shades of greens, yellows and orange.

Minimalist Nail Art
Too scared to try the bold designs yet intrigued to experiment, start with minimalist art designs. It can be as easy as few polka dots to a few flowers on every nail. It not only looks cute but is also simple to get done. Few ideas of minimalist designs can be daisies, clouds, smileys or just hearts. Sky is the limit here.

Modern French Manicure
Going the classic way, a French manicure with pink base and white tip is always an elegant route. Over the years the French manicure has had a lot of play and design variations. From ombré hues to a thick stripe across. These days it’s the thin crisp stripes from both the sides creating a v shape for coffin nails or softer rounder shape for almond shaped nails. You can also opt for a small white pinstripe with a coloured base. To elevate it further, replace the white stripe with a shimmery one!

Squiggly Everything
Squiggly, squishy and everything plush has been an ongoing trend. Nails give a perfect chance to enter into that trend without investing much. To get those summer swirls you can go with simple one colour waves or if you are in mood for something fun, you can choose a colour for each nail and go from there to experiment your heart out.

Chrome Nails
Metallic and chrome look is hot right now! It boasts a futuristic bold look and is definitely eye catching with its reflectiveness. You can chose a holographic one, a black Chrome or a silver one, the options are endless. If you lightly want to tread in this trend, you can also opt for a glossy shimmer nail paint with gel finish.

Preppy Pastels
Summer is all about preppy pastels and soft pops of colour. Bring spring right to your finger tips with these happy colours. Soft colours are always the best options to keep vibe light in summers. You can go for a multi colour diffused look,  a 3D look or just French tips with pastel colours. The popsicle like effect i.e. ombré of different pastel colours, is also just as fun and refreshing to look as it sounds. To liven up an opaque manicure, playing with pastels should be your go to option.

Bright Colours
Bright Colours will always be one of summer nails go to colour because of the liveliness it brings. It adds that required pop of colour to your summer outfit. The year isn’t afraid to celebrate bright colours. You can opt for many designs yet again from simple to intricate designs but make sure to either choose one colour or complementing colours so as the manicure doesn’t become too overwhelming to look at. Neons are also in, although these days the yellow neons are replaced by pinks and bright oranges. To go for a tone down but to still remain in the bright colour league you can opt for trending Kelly green or classic blue colour.

Negative Space Designs
Negative space designs plays more with spacing and design placement. It’s to have minimalistic designs and shapes and more of right spacing between them. The basic one to start off with could be half moon cuticle designs with a thin french manicure. Marble effect on nails are also a good design for negative space nails. Another option could be Geometric shapes and its  placement on either side of nails and leaving the other half empty with a glancing element.

Glass Nails
Glass nails are clear extensions that have become a summer staple. Clear and jelly nails are best option for you are received from experimenting yet want to fit the cool trends. With clear nails you can either go the nail art of your choosing or go bare.


Earthy Tones
If neons and popping colours aren’t your vibe, don’t worry a clean earthy tone manicure is definitely in the mix of trending nails. They match the going on minimalist trend and are also easy to take care of. To elevate your look you can also add muted colours and paint different shapes on your nails. The secret to get the perfect muted colour manicure is to add neutrals with tone down colours or soft pastels.


To hop on these nail trends train without having to make that effort, visit the nearest Geetanjali Salon and get the nails of your liking for this summer.